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What is an STD?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are a blood of fluid borne infection typically passed between sexual partners via bodily fluids such as blood, semen, and vaginal secretions. Sexually transmitted diseases can also be passed through any bodily liquid such as blood, mucus, pus, saliva, and ulcers. It is not always immediately obvious that one has a sexually transmitted disease and sight alone cannot provide much comfort that someone is not infected.

How Can I Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

The first line of defense from STD’s is practicing safe sex. Additionally, riskier sexual activities such as anal sex and oral sex can increase the rate of inflectional spread. While some STD’s are treatable with antibiotics, they can still remain undetected by the carrier and can be passed from partner to partner without any knowledge of outbreak. Additionally, viruses such as HIV and Herpes do not have a medical treatment and can leave those infected with little option for treatment.

What are the Symptoms of an STD?

Diseases vary in symptoms and degree of negative effect on the body. Some such as HPV do not have visible symptoms at all. Some infections can cause pain, ulcers, rashes, and other itchiness. Sexually active people should look for signs such as burning while urination, unusual discharge from the penis or vagina, an odor that does not seem to go away despite bathing, and any other events that are not understood by those experiencing them. Only through lab testing can these be determined to be an STD and treatment can be implemented.

How is Testing Performed?

The most common test for an STD is a urine or blood test. A swab inside of the cervix or penis is also utilized to test for gonorrhea. Visible inspection of the genitals is also a beneficial way that medical providers can screen for STD’s. If you are concerned that you may be at risk, contact Dr. Razzaq-Ahmed at East Meadow Medical to schedule an STD examination today.