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What Happens During a Women’s Health Exam?

Women have unique needs related to the reproductive system and other aspects of their daily lives. A specialist is able to provide this care in a safe and secure environment. Typically, a woman’s health exam will consist of the following:

  • A physical evaluation
  • A pap smear and/or pelvic exam
  • A breast exam
  • Medical and family history will be updated as well as life and work regimens
  • Immunizations needed will be administered
  • An appraisal of necessary health screenings including a mammogram

Why Does a Woman Need an Annual Checkup?

Women of child-bearing age have a variety of ailments that can cause distress and disorder of not properly treated. Regular exams and screenings can enable a doctor to make early diagnoses of any conditions or illnesses that allow for quick and efficient treatment. While there will often be zero issues detected, a positive relationship with a medical provider can provide peace of mind and create an additional barrier of protection for the woman and her health.

What Does an Ultrasound Show?

An ultrasound is a tool designed to create an image of the inside of the body without the need for invasive surgery. It utilizes high-frequency sound waves that cause no distress or pain for the woman. In addition to views of the organ and body parts, a developing fetus may be viewed. Through improved technology, detailed 3D images can be produced which can detect health concerns with the fetus as well as the sex of the child.

Ultrasounds can also be used to:

  • Check the fetal heartbeat, gestational age, abnormalities or defects.
  • Examine placenta, uterus, ovaries and cervix
  • Diagnose an ectopic pregnancy
  • Monitor the fetus growth and position
  • Monitor levels of amniotic fluids
  • Determine if the fetus is receiving sufficient oxygen
  • Diagnose any source of pelvic pain or vaginal bleeding
  • Detect signs of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • Determine the cause of blood in the urine or other urinary problems
  • Determine the size of the bladder before and after urination
  • Monitor for growths in the pelvis
  • Guide a needle during a biopsy or while draining fluid from a cyst or abscess
  • Screen for colorectal cancer

How Is an Ultrasound Performed?

A plastic wand will be rubbed across the abdomen while the sound waves are transmitted from the wand. Typically, an amplifying gel will be applied to the belly first. As the waves reflect off of bone and tissue, an image can be produced of the inside of the body. These highly clear images can often be a good indicator of the health of the mother and fetus.